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Don't Judge Me Yet!!!
in Poem

I haven't been bad
Just living it yet.
For the clothes I wear,
Or the attitude that shows
...That I don't care.
Being a responsible person,
A mother, a wife, a daughter, an in- law.
A citizen!...

Jul 04, 2016
Coldplay.. Yet Another Celebration!!!
in Misc

This blog is the first one for the year and I am elated to see the colours that India is associated with. As everyone is blogging and contemplating (in it) about the presentation of India as rural or non-rural, I enjoyed the video and the music...

Feb 02, 2016
Creating Riots Over Food Choice
in Misc

I thought you make a personal choice of being a vegetarian or a meat eater and it was more pronounced when one when to a restaurant. It was never about a hindu or a jain or which festival or season.
We are creating Food riots when...

Oct 17, 2015
The connotation Of A working woman
in Misc

At pre- primary we are being taught the social system in our society. We are teaching them about family, ethics and work. Introduction of words like Joint family, Nuclear family and Single Parents (to an extent) which is at a good start. The...

Sep 04, 2015
What is the Chance That You Will Not Be Noticed???

There may be thousands of stories getting published about ventures, technology changing our world, people who have started from no where and miracles every day. And there are few who have been doing a lot but haven't even got noticed. Why? Is it...

Aug 11, 2015
What Is It My Eyes Seek
in Poem

From the morning kisses on the children's cheek
When they go without sobbing to fulfil their dream
When I open the paper I only read
The horror of today's India and the nakedness of the lewd mind.
I sit aghast,...

Aug 07, 2015
What's The Magginess About?
in Misc

Lead Content? Beef Content? Toilet Cleaner? Salt Content?
Tell me something New.
What's the frenzy about? It is not something new, we have been told time and over again that flour sticks to our intestines and we should...

Jun 05, 2015
in Misc

Discrimination has come to many travelers, in various forms. There have been instances where popular faces of a country like actors, politicians have been questioned. When someone seems like a threat, of course the police or the national guards...

Jun 01, 2015
The New Principal

Today's newspaper about , “The New Principal” might have stirred a lot of anguish in the minds of those who think along the same lines as my great grandfathers did. So to say that there is so much that is changing around us, that might typically...

May 27, 2015
Never Do It to Prove Them Wrong But To Prove It To YOURSELF

Any environment could be challenging, depending on how you look at it. It could be school, college, office, home, anywhere that you could find yourself being challenged by someone else or by your very own self. I am not talking about ragging here...

May 20, 2015